Frequently Asked Van & Truck Rental Questions

How do I order or book a hire vehicle?
When you require a hire vehicle from Star Rentals you can use our online reservation service, call our office or send us an email.


What sort of vehicle will be suitable for what I need to carry?
When you contact us we will ask you about your specific needs and requirements and can then pin point the exact vehicle to fulfil your requirements.


How does insurance work?
We do not provide insurance with our vehicles. If you are a private hirer, you need to contact your insurance provider and ask them for “temporary commercial cover” for your hire period. If you are a business user then you can either add our vehicle to your current fleet policy or provide us with a fleet cover policy.


What happens if I break down?
If you encounter any defects or vehicle issues during your hire you simply call our office number which is manned 24/7. Our member of staff will ask for all details such as defect information, location etc. Our member of staff will then be able to dispatch the relevant support assistance to you to get you back on the road. Should the defect not be repairable roadside, then a “like for like” replacement will be sent to your exact location.


How do I pay?
We accept all methods of payment such as cheque, debit card, credit card (3% surcharge) and cash.